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EMRs and better health practices

The level of care that patients expect from physician practices in and around Kansas City is increasing, and in today's healthcare industry it is vital that a medical practice has its finger on the pulse of industry-specific tech advancements, such as EMRs and EHRs. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are solutions offered by healthcare IT support providers like AccurIT Systems that are aimed at streamlining patient processes, improving efficiency, and benefiting patient wellbeing.
The difference between an EMR and EHR
An EMR is a clinical information system that collects all the data, including medical history, for patients within a practice. The data for this can feed into an EHR, which is a more comprehensive record, and includes information from a range ...

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IT training benefits for business and HR

It can be easy for business owners, especially those working with an IT partner who manages their technology, to think that IT training and knowledge isn't important. However, where existing IT staff or employees with technical skills do not have the competency to keep all technical systems running efficiently, their lack of experience could be costing your company dearly. This is where IT training can help.

While many training seminars and courses often carry an expensive price tag, which deters some companies, a certain level of investment can pay off. Consider it more as an upgrade rather than an added cost, which ultimately benefits the company, affording businesses some impressive advantages, including:
Increased employee morale
Employees are going to feel you value them if they ...

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Why having well-maintained IT systems can help your business

As a Kansas City business owner or manager, it can be easy to think that the systems you have, which are working now, will keep on working well into the future. This is especially true for those who have aging systems. Sure, they work fine, but they could be the source of future headaches. Don't believe us? Take a look at what happened to the post offices in Britain earlier in September.

In short, outdated and sub-par IT systems caused sub-postmasters (the equivalent to local post office shops here in the US) to be erroneously accused of theft and fraud. Sure, this happened in a nation across the pond, and to a large enterprise, but the point here is that older systems could cause massive headaches regardless of whether your business is located here in Kansas City, or it's in the UK.

Essentially, ...

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How can Hardware as a Service (HaaS) be beneficial for your business?

When it comes to procuring technology for your business, there are many paths you can take. One of the increasingly popular methods I have noticed, especially with small to medium businesses in the Kansas City area, is Hardware as a Service, or HaaS. Before I get into the benefits HaaS can deliver to your business, it would be a good idea to take a minute and actually define what exactly this is.

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Advantages of outsourcing your IT Support and Helpdesk to AccurIT Systems

AccurIT Systems understands that not all businesses are capable of setting up their own IT support and Help Desk and department. Many Kansas City business owners find that establishing these services is not easy to do, can be expensive, and above all, they can be complicated to manage.

Help Desk services are all about providing inbound support for your employees and customers through phone, email, or chat. Having a solution like this helps you to address problems that concern your employee’s computers, online company accounts, or even issues concerning company matters. Beyond that, many companies expect a helpdesk to handle business-centric predicaments like your customer’s problems with your products, systems, website, and services.

Because having a helpdesk or IT support is important ...

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