Why having well-maintained IT systems can help your business

November 11th, 2014
Why having well-maintained IT systems can help your business

As a Kansas City business owner or manager, it can be easy to think that the systems you have, which are working now, will keep on working well into the future. This is especially true for those who have aging systems. Sure, they work fine, but they could be the source of future headaches. Don't believe us? Take a look at what happened to the post offices in Britain earlier in September.

In short, outdated and sub-par IT systems caused sub-postmasters (the equivalent to local post office shops here in the US) to be erroneously accused of theft and fraud. Sure, this happened in a nation across the pond, and to a large enterprise, but the point here is that older systems could cause massive headaches regardless of whether your business is located here in Kansas City, or it's in the UK.

Essentially, taking your IT systems for granted is like removing an important department or key employee. One malfunctioning piece of hardware, a virus, or a security breach could do a lot of harm to your business. Combine this with the fact that businesses with older technology are often easy prey to malicious hackers, largely due to the fact that older systems often lack the security that newers ones possess, and you could be looking at a potentially unrecoverable disaster.

One solution to avoid a potential problem that stems from old systems is to work with IT Consulting firms like AccurIT Systems. We at AccurIT Systems have seen it all and work hard to ensure businesses like yours are not only secure, but operating with the best systems possible. So, we want to share with you the things you could gain from simply maintaining your IT systems. Here are just a few of the benefits of better IT maintenance.

You save money

A well-maintained IT system saves you from repetitive system repairs, installing unnecessary software, and buying useless hardware. It also spares you from paying extra for experts just to figure out a solvable error.

This also leads to overtime pay for employees not on salary. That’s because systems without the proper IT support can lead to erroneous work, which prompts your employees to go over things again and again until they get it right. Add in possible backlogs, unfinished work, and eventually, loss of loyal customers and you will quickly find that poorly maintained systems will lead to reduced profits.

Enhanced preparedness and systems overview

Maintaining your IT also means that you are monitoring the possible threats and errors in your systems. This proactive approach is one of the most effective forms of prevention because you will likely be able to spot issues coming, and implement fixes or solutions before the problem actually occurs.

By doing this you will also be able to spot potential productivity bottlenecks and daily operational problems that stem from older systems or existing technology, that would have otherwise gone unnoticed until a real problem arises.

More seamless business operations

Since everything works through computers nowadays, IT systems have become the key to better file management, data storage, system integration, and internal operations workflow. With a better IT system, your internal departments become more connected and better able to share data and communicate.

Your client interactions also become smoother as well, largely because your systems will be operational and able to provide employees with the data they need when interacting with clients. If your business operates an online store, systems that are properly maintained are always available are essential if you want to survive.

Business Continuity

Here in Kansas City, we could see a natural disaster at any time. From flooding to tornadoes and even fire, your business needs to be prepared. In fact, your capability to stay up and running efficiently amidst any kind of disasters or business mishap is the best thing you gain from giving your IT systems extra care and attention. With your seamless network, you no longer worry about impenetrable security threats, losing important customer and company data, and malfunctioning software and hardware. You remain effectually operational even if there is an ongoing calamity of sorts, be it flooding, typhoon, power outage, or even political upheaval.

How do I achieve all of this?

As an owner or manager the idea of proactive maintenance and modern IT systems may seem simply unattainable, especially if you aren't the most tech savvy. That's where IT Consulting firms like AccurIT Systems can help. With our Managed Services solution and comprehensive IT Support, we aim to take the stress out of managing your technology. We work with you to ensure that systems are managed properly, and that you are using the best technology available to your business.

If you are struggling to maintain your systems, contact us today to see how a stress-free IT management solution from us can help.

Mike Mendez, President
AccurIT Systems, Inc.