Why You Need AccurIT Systems!

Ever wonder if you are...

  • Getting the best price on that software and hardware? Does your current technology maintenance vendor sell hardware and software? Do you really need the equipment and software your vendor is recommending? Are you saving as much as you can on the equipment and software you are purchasing?
  • Purchasing a system that is right for your business? Are the recommendations based on what your maintenance vendor sells or distributes, or on what meets your business needs?
  • Getting your IT problems resolved quickly? Does your current maintenance vendor troubleshoot your network problems? Are your network problems lingering and not getting solved? Does your current vendor get paid by the hour and thus you wonder what their incentive is to resolve the issue quickly? Is your vendor trying to take on too much business and thus not able to respond to your needs in a timely manner?
  • Working with an IT vendor that is supporting your business goals? Is your current equipment maintenance vendor supporting your corporate goals? Is your current equipment vendor making you money, or saving you money? Are you getting the most out of your technology investment?
  • Going to see the same IT consultant again? Are you getting a different IT tech from week to week? Do you wish you had the same IT consultant every visit? Are you training a new IT consultant every other week? Wish you had the same primary and secondary IT consultant from visit to visit?
  • Providing “on the job training” for your IT support? Is your consultant 25 years old and is not focused on your business? Does your IT consultant understand your corporate goals and objectives? Is your young IT consultant listening to your needs?
  • Going to get those IT expenses under control? Are you trying to reduce your maintenance vendor labor cost?
  • Being held hostage by your IT person or vendor? Who is in control of your network and data, you or your vendor?
  • Going to start your day with a network disaster? Is your IT network monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year? How is your vendor proactively supporting your IT network after hours to make sure it’s working the next business day?
  • Going to ever get “proactive” IT support? Is your maintenance vendor reacting to your network issues? Are you trying to move your company to a proactive approach vs reactive?
  • Getting “Strategic Planning” from your current IT vendor? Is your IT vendor working with you to plan your technology investments for the next one to three years. Are you able to budget your technology investments or are you caught by surprise?
  • Losing money during down time? Is your network down an hour to two hour each month? What’s an hour of down time cost you? $20.00 per hour X _____# of employees _____ = $________
  • Making the right decision on that major upgrade? Are you planning a major upgrade of your key applications? Are you in control of your upgrade or is your hardware or software vendor in control?
  • Going to get the right IT support for your move or expansion? Are you moving or expanding your company and you are trying to control or reduce IT costs?
  • Being advised to the most efficient way to link those offices or systems? Are you trying to connect multiple locations cost effectively?

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